The 388th Bombardment Group (H) arrived at Station 136, Knettishall, England, in mid-1943 and sent B-17s against Nazi Germany for two years, until its mission was accomplished. The Group stood down in June, 1945. This is the compelling story of the men of the 388th, the combat crews and the ground support, told in their own words. Here, in this first of two volumes, are their true, detailed and enthralling accounts of air combat and base life, of terror in the skies and mischief on the groundtales of Knettishall, The Country Club of the Eighth Air Force, of leaves in London and forced POW marches, of wartime romances, the horror of combat, personal tragedies and heroic escapes. Tales of fear and pride, loneliness and resolve; tales of life and death. Through personal reminiscences, mission diaries, photographs, daily bulletins, base newsletters, newspaper articles and radio interviews, the 388th Anthology tells the full and exciting story of what it was like to be there as history was made and the world was saved.

388th Anthology Vol.1